About the LeagueEdit

This is the resurrection of an online, simulated American Football league. The action since the collapse of the Old era and the resurrection is called the New Era, and every page on this wiki regards the New Era. There are Currently six teams, and Season two is in progress:

  • Cuba Missiles
  • Miami Monsters
  • Minnesota Freeze
  • New York Bone Crushers
  • Omaha Outlaws
  • Wyoming Aardvarks

Micah Greenberg is the commissioner of the league as well as the owner of the Minnesota Freeze.


  • The West Texas 'Mericans (now the New York Bone Crushers) have the worst record in league history, at 1-11.
  • The Moon Monsters (now the Miami Monsters) won Super Bowl 1 against the Uzbekistan Cherubs (now the Cuba Missiles)
  • The highest paid player in the league is Aardvarks WR, Everett Simpkins, earning $10.5 Million per year.

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